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Monday 28 March 2011

Medieval house 1 update

I just finished the first one of what will be hopefully a long series. I will paint it next week end and start on crafting a few more.
There are still a few parts I want to improve but that are basically what they will look like when I sell them. The parts I want to improve have to do with the materials used and details such as the windows sticking out a bit too much or tiles arrangements.
Still, I will probably make a decision about those when I see the whole thing painted. I will not be base coating them in such a glossy white as well.

Anyway. looking forward to paint it!!!

Je viens juste de terminer la première de ce qui sera j’espère une longue série. Je la peindrais cette semaine et vais commencer à en faire d’autres.
Il y a toujours quelques détails que je veux améliorer mais en gros elles vont ressembler à ca quand je les vendrais. Dans ce que je peux faire mieux, il ya par exemple les fenêtres qui sortent un peu trop à mon gout ou les tuiles qui pourraient être arrangées un peu mieux. Il y aussi les matériaux que je vais utiliser qui sont un peu un casse tète.
J’attendrais de voir la maison peinte et finie avant de changer quoi que ce soit.
Ah, la couche de base aussi sera matte et non pas ce blanc brillant pas très beau.

Bref, à la peinture !!!


  1. I like the look of it. It has a rustic lived in look. I can imagine this painted up to look like the classical witches house from the hansel and gretel story.

  2. wow looks fantastic, only thing that I find a little off id the odd shape to the windows. Not that it would stop me putting it on my wargames table.
    Peace James

  3. So how long is going to take you to paint it?

  4. @Biff: that's a difficult question. The paint I'm using for scenery takes a bit longer to dry than the one for minis. I'm going to do a fairly quick job on it so maybe 3-4 hours.