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Friday 29 September 2017

Rocks, Camp and Gates Scenery

 New wave of scenery bits for the week available on Ebay or directly trough me.

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

Amongst the pile of scenery pieces, I managed to finish a full boxed game. GW Silver Tower, painted over a few months, amazing models. A real return to true form for GW in my opinion, however the follow up did disappoint a bit. Next board game? I'm not too sure, finishing some Age of Sigmar stuff first then maybe Zombicide...

Je suis un peu sous une pile de décors en ce moment mais entre 2 j'ai quand même réussi a finir une boite de jeu de plateau: SIlver Tower. Vraiment un très grand retour en forme pour GW a mon avis, même si la boite suivante a un peu déçu. Le prochain jeu de plateau? Je finis un peu d'Age of Sigmar puis j'attaquerais peu être du Zombicide.

Friday 15 September 2017

Mine Entrances and Ponds

A new wave of scenery is up for sale. You'll find some mine entrances and some ponds: Link

Des nouveaux décors ont été mis en vente, suivre le lien en Anglais.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Gorthang The Swamp Master

 Summer is over, definitely gone in the UK...I did quite a lot of painting, but because of holidays didn't put things up for sale. I'm back to do more scenery though, hoping to get up to 6 pieces per week. I worked on a couple of commissions and some personal projects. I'll do a video soon to show various pieces, maybe try to make it a regular on the bench video thing….

I hadn't posted in a while so thought I'll come back to it with a special piece. I had already introduced Gorthang the Swamp Master from Rudyk in previous WIP posts and finished it over the holidays. Sent it to its owner and arrived in one piece, hurrah...