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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Mordheim project

Finally putting on paper a project that I have been thinking about for quite a while now. I want to craft my own Mordheim table!
So far I have sketched the outline of the project, done some research and lots of thinking. This is a fairly big project, my biggest project to date. I don’t have a deadline but if progress goes as planned I am aiming at a finished table for Salute 2013: so a bit more than 2 years from now. I was initially thinking about Salute 2012 but it would require working pretty much full-time on it (full-time of my Hobby time that is…) and I don’t intend to do that. I might have a playable good looking board for Salute 2012 but I think I would rather wait for the finished product but we’ll have to see.

I decided to build it into squares to avoid the problems I had with my Malifaux Table. Here is a picture of the board:

The problems I had and still have with this one are:
- Storage, it needs its own area in the house, no modules
- Working on it was awkward at times
- Transport
This is a much smaller table but I have learnt a lot from it.

Back to my Mordheim project, this is much bigger and I attend to do a good job on it. Also, as I have already said, I intend to do Salute with it, so it’s going to have to be up there standard wise. I’ve sketched 9 squares, each square will be 60cmx60cm. Difficult to see on my quick sketch but the squares/areas will be divided as follows:

A1/ Castle, partially ruined (there will be lots of ruins everywhere for playability) on a hill, caves at the base of the hill, outpost at the base as well

A2/ Town square, fountain at the centre, inn, various houses: see picture for inspiration (Next picture comes from kobblestone Miniatures)

A3/ Craftsmen terrace, blacksmith, factory, maybe a farm even: another picture for inspiration.

B1/ B area will cut in half by a long canal. For B1 the canal will form a loop around what will be the jail. I’m thinking of doing really playable modules in this one such as being able to move roofs and levels. I think the jail thing will go well with that. I’ll probably make a “clin d’oeil” at “the prison” of World of Warcraft. It should be quite an intricate one.

B2/ Canal again, big bridge, overlooking tower, houses, and sewers bits…

B3/ Another craftsmen area, wind mill, lumber camp, canal slightly turning into a river, rocks, boat…

C1/ Cemetery area, ruined chapel, Wild Park, pond, creepy houses….yep, the spooky corner.

C2/ Merchant district, renaissance inspired, hexagon, clock tower, bank, inn…pictures for inspiration

C3/ Execution square, barracks and catacombs…it should be another spooky one.

Here’s a picture that got me really inspired and is quite a good idea of where I’m going with this:

I’ll be working on one square at a time which will be easier than tackling the whole thing. I think the first one will be A2 (town square). I will start from next week working on the fountain, quite a lot of sculpting and doors/windows for the buildings.

I’ll try to make as many updates as possible…

Bon, je me lance finalement a mettre sur papier un projet qui me travaille depuis quelques temps : une table de jeu pour Mordheim ! Pour l’instant je n’ai fais que dessiner un croquis de la table, un peu de recherche et beaucoup de réflexion. C’est un projet assez important, de taille le plus gros auquel je me sois attelé. Si tout se passe bien, j’espere la finir pour Salute 2013 : donc il me reste un peu plus de 2 ans^^. Au départ, je pensais a Salute 2012, mais cela voudrait dire travailler dessus a plein temps (plein temps de mon temps « hobby ») et je n’ai pas l’intention de faire ca. J’aurais peut être quelques chose de présentable/jouable pour 2012 mais je crois que je préférerais aller la bas avec le produit fini/complet.

J’ai décidé de construire la table en carres modulables afin d’éviter les problèmes que j’ai eu/ai avec ma table Malifaux tels que le transport, travailler dans une position difficile et la place.
C’est une table bien plus petite que celle que je vais construire mais j’ai appris beaucoup en la faisant.

Donc cette table pour Mordheim, j’ai décide de la diviser en 9 carres de 60cmx60cm. Difficile de voir sur mon croquis mais les 9 carrés/zones seront répartis ainsi :
A1/ Château, partiellement en ruines, sur une colline, grottes a la base de la colline…
A2/ Place de ville, fontaine au centre, auberge…
A3/ Quartier artisan, forge, armurerie, peut être une ferme…
B1/ La zone B sera divisée en 2 par un canal. Sur la zone B1 se trouvera une prison encerclée par le canal. Je pense que je ferais un clin d’œil à la prison de Stormwind. Je pense aussi que je rendrais cette zone très modulable, avec possibilités de déplacer les toits/étages.
B2/ Grand pont, canal, grande tour et égouts.
B3/ Un autre quartier artisanal, moulin, barque, canal se transformant en riviere…
C1/ Cimetière, Mausolée, parc…gotique
C2/ Quartier marchand, style renaissance en forme d’hexagone, banque, horloge…
C3/ Place d’exécution publique, catacombes…

Je ne travaillerais que sur une zone a la fois et je pense commencer par la place publique.

Mise a jour à suivre…


  1. That is a very ambitious project! Would love to see regular updates on this.

  2. Really great project. I would love to do something like this but just haven't got the space.

  3. All I can say is WOW! If you pull this oft thought of project I've toyed with in the past, it will be an amazing gaming table.
    Looking forward to following this progression

  4. Wonderful to see someone big is it going ?

  5. Thanks, this project has stopped unfortunately. Main issue with it was storage, I'm onto more flexible module system now.