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Thursday 31 March 2011

Dr. Grordbort’s ray guns

This is an artist and a website that’s probably well known by most gamers/modelists but I don’t remember seeing a lot of threads on different forums about him so I thought I would share this. Artist and designer Greg Broadmore created Dr. Grordbort's, a retro science fiction universe, after having worked on films such as District 9, King Kong or The Chronicles of Narnia.
I’m just showing pictures a few of my favourite’s ray guns but there’s a lot more than just these, you can check his website here. They are sculpted and built by Dave Tremont.
I’d love to be able to collect them but mmmm…prices hurt as you would expect.

Un artiste et site web qui est probablement bien connu de la plupart des gamers/modélistes de tous poils mais je ne me souviens pas avoir vu beaucoup de post àson sujet. Artiste/designer Greg Broadmore a crée Dr. Grordbort's , un univers de science fiction retro, après avoir travaillé sur des fils tels que District 9, King Kong ou Les Chroniques de Narnia.
Je ne montre que quelques photos de mes préférés mais il y a beaucoup plus a voir sur son site web ici. Ils sont sculptés et assemblés par Dave Tremont.
J’adorerais pouvoir en acheter un mais les prix….arg.


  1. My personal favourite is the crimson curse.
    paul was indeed a April fools day post :-D