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Friday 18 March 2011

Lucky rainy day

I always have a run at least once a week in charity shops looking to add more junk to my already big pile of junk. I nearly didn’t today because of the rain which is a rare occurrence here. But luckily I did and I found that lot for….mmm too embarrassing to say really. Apparently somebody trimmed it just before me. Why he left all of those 80’s citadels in it I don’t know but hey^^

However does anybody know from which game the set on the 2nd picture come from? They’re all 15-20mm scale; the dwarf in the centre seems to be from Bob Olley but I can’t recall the range as I’m really not Games workshop specialist. Any idea anyone?

Je fais toujours un tour dans les magasins de charité au moins une fois par semaine, juste histoire d’agrandir ma pile détritus. J’ai presque failli ne pas y aller aujourd’hui à cause de la pluie (rare phénomène ici). Heureusement j’y suis tout de même allé et ai trouvé ca dans une boite pour tellement pas cher que j’en ai presque honte. Apparemment quelqu’un l’avait trouve avant moi. Pourquoi il a laisse toutes ces figurines Citadels des années 80, je ne sais pas.^^
Par contre je ne reconnais pas le lot des figurines en plomb 15-20mm dans la deuxième photo. Je ne suis vraiment pas un expert des produits Games Workshop, quelqu’un a une idée ?


  1. No idea but it looks like a wonderful little find.

  2. GW usually marks their models in some way.

    That said, they all look like drivers, and one of GW's first projects was a racing game.. Dark Future. Stuff of Legends has a page from the catalog, and I think I see a few over there:

  3. Tanks Dave, I'm going to check on Stuff of Legends. Never heard of that racing game.

  4. I think it's a Mad Max sorta game.

  5. I found some informations about it online. Plus in the same box I got all these lot from, there were some old White Dwarf articles that the guy had filed talking about it.

  6. I don't know about the guy in the middle, but the rest are definitely Dark Future drivers. I never had any of the driver so we just painted over the windshields. I never owned the game but a friend did and we played it a bit. I made a bunch of cars out of metal toy cars and I did have (and still have) a few of the citadel metal guys on foot and on motorcycles...

  7. I used to love Dark future (not as much as car wars) but GW did not support it as once you had the games you did not need much else so no add on sales.
    Is that a first edition rouge trader I see in the picture if so I think there are worth a bit now
    Peace James

  8. Thanks everybody for the help. The dwarf has been identified thanks to Darklord and War Griffon from Wamp, it's a squat hovercraft from Iron claw:

    @James: 1987, I believe that's first edition indeed.