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Sunday 1 July 2012

Mansions of Madness – Shoggoth

Carrying on with set and the monsters, I just finished this one today. There are 2 of these in the box. I’ll do them differently just for fun. I thought I would do a dark one and the other one a bit brighter and gory. A quick job again, pleased enough with it. Not too much to add about it as I’m trying to move quickly with this set.
Next up the Mi-go…

J’avance pas à pas toujours sur le même set et les monstres. J’ai fini un des 2 Shoggoth de la boite ce matin. Je pense faire l’autre différemment au niveau des couleurs, peut être un peu plus flashy et gore. Une peinture rapide encore, pas grand-chose à ajouter dessus.
A suivre, les Mi-go…


  1. Very nice painting, how did you paint they eyes??? They look real!!

  2. Nice job! That bright green looks really good against the dark skin tone.