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Friday 27 July 2012

Mansions of Madness – The Bad

The long awaited group shot, for me at least!!! I finished the last 5 cultists yesterday that were missing. So that’s what awaiting the players, I should probably better not show them that. It was really enjoyable to paint this group; I will have to check out the extensions as I would love to add some horror, a few more monsters. I will start on the investigators figures straight away. There are some really nice minis in there. I’m also going to try to do a nicer job with more elaborate bases as these minis will really be the centre of attention for the players.

Next up, honour to the ladies, is Jenny Barnes “the perfect shoes for saving the world”…

La photo de groupe, enfin ! J’ai fini les 5 derniers cultistes hier. Voila ce qui attends les joueurs, je devrais peut être pas leur montrer. C’était un groupe de minis très sympa à peindre ; il faudra que je m’intéresse aux extensions car j’aimerais bien rajouter quelques horreurs et autres monstres la dedans. Je vais attaquer les persos joueurs tout de suite. Il y a de très belles figurines dans ce groupe aussi. Je vais essayer de soigner un peu plus la peinture pour ceux la et les socles aussi vu que ces minis seront le centre d’attention des joueurs.

A suivre, honneur aux Dames, Jennys Barnes « des chaussures parfaites pour sauver le monde »…


  1. The perfect shoes for saving the world? I can´t beging to imagine.
    Cracking group of Cthulhu world inhabitants. The purple orange combo mixed among the others looks good..nice balance of colours.

  2. Looks great, great that is to run screaming from!!

    Nice work


  3. Fantastic Paint work there.
    Well done.

  4. Very nice! a great enhancement to game-enjoyment I'm sure.

  5. This are pretty miniatures for play. With them it makes a lot more fun. :)

  6. An awesome collection of dreadful 'encounters'!
    Btw, most of the minis are not 'period specific': Anatoli did Strange Aeons in the 18th C., what about "18th C. Mansions of Madness"? Many of Lovecraft's novels are rooted in the 'tricorne' era. 'A touch of Evil' (characters available separately) and 'Carnevale' could provide additional 'period' minis.... and there is a cornucopia of 18th C. minis that could be used, including highwaymen, pirates, North American colons...
    18th C. Gothic Horror / 'Lacepulp' has a lot of potential.

  7. PS: really kind to double post in French!
    looking forward to discover the Ladies...
    Btw, if Steampunk is catching on you, what about 18th C. SF / Lacepunk?

  8. Lovely brushwork (as always),your basing is beautiful too(:

  9. I've been following this project and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent work! Looking forward to the heroes.

  10. These looks amazing. Must go find Cthulhu minis to paint now...