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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Gold Rush Saloon

The Gold Rush Saloon kit is finally available for purchase from the Blog or EBay. The pictures speak for themselves really.

It is 17 cm long, 10cm large and high. I took pictures with a miniature from Wyrd Mniatures to give you a better idea of the scale. The kit weigh about 300g and is cast in light grey resin, you can also see what you’re getting on the last picture.
A bit of assembling is required but nothing complicated really!

It’s suitable for your 25-32mm gaming and could fit in any Old west setting or even Steam punk.. It’s supplied unpainted although a painted version as you can see on the picture is available on order (contact me if interested).

The price is £10.99 + £3.50 (worldwide shipping).

Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

EBay Link

Le «Gold Rush Saloon» est enfin disponible à l’achat à partir du blog ou d’EBay. Les photos valent mieux qu’un long discours toutefois voila quelques infos techniques .

II fait 17 cm de long, 10cm de large et de hauteur. J’ai pris quelques photos avec une figurine de chez Wyrd Miniatures pour une meilleure idée de l’échelle. Le kit pèse a peu prés 300g et est tiré dans une résine gris clair, la dernière photo vous montre ce qu’il y aura dans la boite. Un peu d’assemblage sera nécessaire mais rien de compliqué.

Il trouvera sa place dans vos parties à l’échelle 25-32mm de style western ou même Steampunk. Il est vendu non-peint cependant une version peinte est disponible sur commande (me contacter pour les prix et délais).

Il est vendu à £10.99 + £3.50 (frais de port international), ce qui fera à peu près 12 Euros + frais de port.

N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez la moindre question.


  1. Good luck with this offering - it looks fantastic. :)

  2. Wonderfull piece of art!


  3. I love it!
    do you think that it cold be good too with 1/72 figures?
    I'm very interested and would like to buy one but I didn't found how I can contact you!
    (... I can buy it on e-bay too, so it's not a "great" problem!)

  4. Thanks for comments.

    @Sam: you can find my email adress on the "View my profile" widget on the left of the Blog. I'll try to contact you tonight if you can't find it. Thanks.

  5. A quand des décors au 1/35 ? ;)

  6. Very nice, and a terrific price as well. Hope it sells like hot cakes :)

  7. I found you via Pascal's page. He just posted the saloon you made and had a link for your page. I'm a novice painter and am learning strictly via internet and I follow most of the people in the comments. I went through some of your backlog and you do some really fantastic work. I hope you don't mind that I'm following you.

  8. Hi Anne, thanks for your nice comments and following the Blog, of course I don't mind!

  9. Vraiment un magnifique travail, bonne chance!