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Thursday 8 March 2012

Claw Tribe Barbarian

Another piece for Super Dungeon Explore, it was mainly painted while doing other stuff. It’s a nice mini but some weird details on it, particularly around the hands and on the shoulders. I did a pretty quick job and am not too pleased with it but time to move on, it’s for playing. I might do a bit of unit type painting for the next ones as I will tackle the baddies.

Une autre pièce pour « Super Dungeon Explore », ca e été fait rapidement avec des restes de peintures que j’utilisais sur d’autres projets. Une jolie sculpture mais avec des drôles de détails surtout autour des mains et des épaules. Boulot rapide, pas trop satisfait mais bon c’est pour jouer et j’en ai une pile a faire. Je vais faire de la peinture d’armée pour le reste je crois car je dois attaquer les méchants et y’en a beaucoup.


  1. I like your treatment of this mini very much. The eyes are just excellent, especially.

  2. You have very high standards indeed if you are not happy with it.

    Who makes it, the wife would love a crack at painting one up


  3. Thanks Ian. They are made by Soda Pop Miniatures however they come with a box game called "Super Dungeon Explore" and I don't think thewy sell them separatly for now. You can check their website: as they have a few other options in the same style.

    1. Thanks for the link, about time she got painting again, if I can't get her that figure maybe others will catch her eye


  4. Nice work by anybody's standard, great work and a great axe...

  5. I like that a lot. I do love the cartoony style of SDE, and the painting works well for that. :)