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Friday 9 September 2011

Oreo Stuff

I posted a while ago about this guy sculpting with bananas so I thought I might as well keep the sculpting with food theme going. So here is the inspirational picture of the week.

J’avais fais un post sur un sculpteur de bananes il y a quelques mois donc je me suis dis pourquoi pas développer le thème^^.


  1. Some people have too much time on their hands but are talented gits, that's amazing.

  2. Excellent stuff. Not normally a fan of Oreo's but I'd make an exception in this case!

  3. Very impressive, but as Fran said, that guy's got far too much time on his hands!! Of course, you could put us into the same brackets, I mean, who the hell paints little tot soldiers????? Me!

  4. That's really good. Utterly useless, but still very good!