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Wednesday 21 September 2011

Medieval town bases

Something I actually did a couple of weeks ago but didn’t update on the blog. These are my new medieval bases 30mm with lip. I revamped this set when I did the Laboaratory bases. I thought it needed a bit of a rethink. I just tweaked a few, added a couple of new designs and generally tried to sharpen the details.
Hope you like them. They’re on EBay for now and through the blog too.

EBay Link

Un petit retouchage sur un set que j’avais fais il y a quelques mois auparavant. Je l’avais retravaillé au même moment que le set des socles « Laboratoires » mais n’avais pas eu le temps de le mettre sur le blog. J’ai juste retouché quelques détails, ajouté quelques nouveautés et dans l’ensemble essayait de rendre le tout plus propre et net.
Ils sont sur EBay si ca vous intéresse…


  1. Bloody nice!! I´m still trying to come up with some great ideas for the first set...and failing badly :-(

  2. Great work, I just wish I had some figures to use them with!!!

  3. That are some nice bases Doc! Great work!


  4. They are great!! :D
    You have a nice blog.