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Monday 4 July 2011

Ready for my close up

I’ve decided to stop messing around and get one of these:

Optivisor Headband Magnifiers

I know how un-cool this looks hence the pictures; I took them to warn the eventual buyer. I’ve done an extensive trial, just a few poses for the pictures. It seems I have to be pretty close for magnifying which might mean I have to change my position for painting. I’m not planning on wearing them all the time, just for details, so shouldn’t be a problem, plus I feel my eyes could do with a rest.
I highly recommend Shesto, ultra-fast delivery.

J’ai acheté une paire de ces lunettes. Je suis conscient que ce n’est vraiment pas très cool et j’ai pris ces photos pour prévenir quiconque serait intéressé : vous êtes prévenu !
Je n’ai pas vraiment eu le temps de les essayer, juste quelques poses pour les photos mais on dirait qu’il faille tenir la mini assez proche des lunettes ce qui veut dire que je vais peut être devoir changer ma position pour peindre. Je ne les utiliserais que pour faire des détails donc ca ne devrait pas être un problème.
Je recommande la compagnie Shesto, excellent service.


  1. I have to say that my optivisor made life easier for my eyes. I bought mine by Front Rank figurines with n°3 (1.75 magnification and 14" focal length) et n°5 (2.5 magnification and 8" focal length) lenses, great service too.
    Nice to be able to paint eyes again !

  2. Good idea the second lense, will investigate. I've got the number 5, so maybe a long distance one would be cool.

  3. I have seen these at shows etx..but never considered buying any...and after seeing the photos,I know why :-D No, seriously...the one thing i could imagine being difficult with them is when you move the brush to the pallete. It would be all out of focus and lead to dipping to deep or??
    With a magnifying glass I keep one eye closed, when I go to reload the brush etc, I open and more or less use the other eye...a bit like the trick of when you are out at´s a good idea to close (or cover) one eye when car lights come towards you...when you open (or uncover) the eye, your focus returns very quiclkly to both eyes without blurring.

  4. Your just trying to look like Boba Fett, come on admit it!!!!

  5. Lol Ray, what a reference!!!

    @Paul, the going in/out of focus can be anoying but you get use to it (looking down/away, closing eyes quickly) and is less of a problem for the longer distance lenses.

  6. Have thought about buying one for a while, good recommendation.

  7. I bought one about a year ago and would recomend them to all painters very easy to use and a must for tired eyes
    Peace James

  8. …just remember to take them off when you go to make a cup of coffee!