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Saturday 16 July 2011

Gaming Board for Sale

Gutted to be selling this but I really need to free up some space before moving house. This board was created to play with Malifaux but would probably suit any other skirmish game. It’s overall in excellent condition, no dust as it’s covered at all times, smoke free house. Cats are well behaved and regularly brushed.

All hand crafted and painted by myself.

The water effect is not the best you’ll ever see but it does work. I had some issues with cracks on the edges of the river but I fixed most of them. It could still be improved with putty and paint but I didn’t bother as it does look fine for my standards.

So what do you get?

Dimensions: 90x120 cm (35x47 inches), thickness is 9cm (3, 5 inches).

4 Old West houses (which are movable and could be used on another board) and a water tank (movable as well).

Everything else you can see on the pictures is fixed to the board.

Miniatures from Wyrd are obviously not included.

Feel free to contact me for any question.

Price wise I’ll be putting it on EBay with a starting price of £49.99 for the whole thing and it’ll have to be picked up. I live in Sussex area, easy access for anybody from South East England.

EBay Link or use the widget on top right of the Blog.

Je ne vais pas traduire ce post en Français vu que cela ne va intéresser que des gens du Sud de l’Angleterre. Je vends la table que j’avais fait pour jouer à Malifaux. Un peu à contre cœur mais j’ai vraiment besoin de libérer de la place avant de changer d’adresse. Bon, si quelqu’un veut venir de la France la récupérer, je lui vends hein^^. J’ai mis une description technique en Anglais mais les photos parlent pour elles-mêmes.


  1. that is one impressive gaming board awesome skills great job

  2. A great piece of scenery, hope you get the dosh you want for it!! Shame you've gotta sell it though.

  3. Lovely,shame I live in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Would've love to buy it, but I'm afraid my girlfriend would kill me if I'd brought yet another item like that into the house! :)