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Sunday 3 July 2011

Loopy Dave

There are lots of amazing illustrators around but once in a while I stumble on one that‘s just so great I feel like sharing the pictures. I couldn’t find any bio about the artist, don’t know where he’s from or anything at all so his work will speak for itself. I find it incredibly detailed, overly cartoonish, very funny, you’ve got to love anything that’s so fantasist and lots of pin-ups which is never a bad thing!
I’m just showing my favourites but there are lots more on his website (lots of commercial work) and on his Deviant Art gallery.
Hope you like him!!!

Il y a beaucoup d’illustrateurs de talent mais de temps en temps il y en a un qui me donne envie de partager ses photos. Je n’ai rien pu trouver au sujet de l’artiste donc son travail parlera pour lui-même. Je le trouve super détaillé, sur-cartoonesque, très drôle, hyper fantaisiste et puis y’a tellement de pin-up ce qui est toujours une bonne chose !
Comme d’hab, je ne montre que mes préférés mais il y a sa galerie sur Deviant et son site web.
J’espère que ca vous plaira aussi !!!


  1. Lovely stuff,I always like a bit of pin-up art.

  2. Excellent work, just brilliant.
    Took a good while looking through hiss stuff, thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the Darth Vader, asthma pump one! lol!

  4. What painting style does he use?Spray?