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Tuesday 11 April 2017

Conan core box done !

Conan Heroes and core box finished ! It got a bit tedious toward the end to do the series of identical models but I had kept the heroes to work on last. I've not done the 3 Conans minis from core box as I think the one I used is nicer, can't see myself wanting to play the other ones. Still the box od add-ons to do but that's gone on the back burner for now. Pictures are a bit rubbish I'm afraid as I was trying different set ups.

Boite de base et héros finis ! Ce fut un peu long vers la fin avec les longues séries de figurines identiques mais j'avais mis les héros pour me motiver. Je n'ai pas fais les 3 Conans de la boite car je pense que celui que j’utilise est le meilleur :). Toujours la boite d'add-ons  a faire mais ça va a la queue de la file. Les photos sont pourries dsl ...

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  1. Well done!
    I can't say I look forward to all those identical figs, but I really would like to have it all painted. So much more fun to play with.