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Tuesday 28 February 2017

Garden of Morr by GW

I'm taking a break from all the Tabletop World scenery I've been doing recently to do some GW ones. The Garden of Morr is a kit I picked up a couple of years ago and it was time to do it. It offers many possibilities with lots of small bits, mausoleums and walls. It'll be a great addition to the city.

Je fais une petite pause de la gamme Tabletop World pour faire du GW. Le "Jardin de Morr" est un kit que j'avais récupéré il y a 2-3 ans et il était grand temps de le faire. Un très bon set qui offre beaucoup de possibilités et très utile avec ses murs. mausolées etc...Une excellente addition pour ma ville médiévale.


  1. Looks great. Love the purples and greens.

  2. Terrific work!!! I really like this kit, you´ve done a master painting work.