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Monday 19 November 2012

Snake Men Creatures

The title might be a bit confusing but I really don’t know much about this miniatures.  They belong to the Games Workshop range but probably out of production. I’m sure some reader will be able to identify them better than I could. Anyway, they were quite enjoyable to paint as they’re unusual models. I’m in the process of adding strings to the bows, other than that they’re finished.

Edit: As it turns out, they're not GW at all but Nagas from the Clans of War. Thanks Tim.

Je n’ai pas vraiment réussi a trouver beaucoup d’informations sur ces figurines. Je sais qu’elles appartiennent à la gamme Games Workshop mais probablement une série qui n’est plus en production. Elles furent bien agréables à peindre. Je suis en train  d’essayer de fixer des cordes à leurs arcs  mais à part ca elles sont terminées. 
Edit: il ne sagit pas du tout de figurines GW mais "Clans of War".


  1. Very "Clash of the Titans", lovely work!

  2. They look like Naga, which is a generic name for Japanese/Oriental snakemen, and not neccessarily a name GW gave them. Nice minis, would go well in a Legend of the 5 Rings game.

  3. Very nicely done!

    They may be Naga from AEG's Legend of the Five Rings Clan War game.

  4. Whatever they are they're very well painted!

  5. @Tim: I can't see them in the Clan Wars Naga range and there are a few differences in style. My first instinct was they were belonging to GW as they were purchased in a shop that sells mainly GW (owner told me) but now I'm not too sure...

  6. AEG Naga Bowmen:

    It's hard to find pictures of them as Valiant has only rereleased Shahadet's Legion archers.

  7. Yep, you're right Tim, I was looking at a different link. Well done!