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Friday 30 November 2012

Mice and Mystics: the Bad

I’ve made a quick start on these minis as I really want to play the game and I’m not bending the “NO paint, NO play” rule. I finished the insect and rats, you can have a look at all the shots. I’ve also used the Sanctuary bases which works well I think. I’ve also included a picture of a scarab I used for inspiration and might be of some help if some people need to paint that set. Not much to add on these models, they’re pretty basic. Next up, the mice, they’re already undercoated.

Je n’ai pas trop perdu de temps avec ces figurines car je suis vraiment impatient d’essayer le jeu et il n’est pas question de jouer avec des modèles sans peinture. J’ai fini les insectes et les rats comme vous pouvez voir sur les photos. J’ai aussi utilisé les socles du Sanctuaire que j’avais conçu pour. J’ai aussi mis une photo de scarabée qui m’a servi d’inspiration pour les insectes. Pas grand chose à rajouter sur les figurines en elle-même qui sont assez basiques. A suivre, les souris…


  1. Love them!
    I've been waiting for this game to come back in stock, it looks very fun, and fun to paint! Great paintjobs too.

    I like the bases you've made- the small ones are 20mm round or 25mm? I have an idea for a different project that 25mm would be great for, but 20mm would be too small

  2. Thanks, unfortunatly they're 20mm round. I'll do some 30mm too at some point but can't tell you when.