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Friday 17 August 2012

Chaos Dwarf Dreadquake Mortar WIP (3)

A quick update on that WIP thread as I just finished the crew. I really like the one with the whip, a great chaos dwarf figure. The other 2 are pretty standard crew dwarf. So that’s it for the leaving creatures on that set, now onto the machine itself. I’ll do another post about the base too as I made a mould for it.

Une petite mise à jour rapide sur cette série de post vu que je viens juste de finir l’équipage. J’aime beaucoup celui avec le fouet, une superbe figurine. Les 2 autres sont assez classiques comme équipage. A suivre, la machine et le socle, je ferais un post sur le socle car j’ai fais un moule et le mettrais en vente.


  1. loved the skin tone mate. also, the yellow beards on the middle crew guy is a different and nice touch.

    cant wait to see the end results.

  2. Great work on these. They are looking really sharp. What is the basing plan?

  3. @Drew: temple fllor type tiles, I'll post about it in the week.