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Thursday 18 August 2011

Paint Log

A quick update about what’s been painted. I’m still working on the well and some new bases but I'm trying to make some progress on this Blood bowl team as it’s for a painting competition. No hope of winning anything as I’m going for decent table top painting but the comp. is a good excuse to get these done. It’s going to be tight to be honest, deadline is the 27th. We’ll see…

I went for subtle colours: bright pink and bright blue; I thought I’d copy the blog colours. All of the highlights still to do, bases, eyes and I would like to try some free hand and create some patterns on the helmets.

Une petite mise à jour rapide sur ce que j’ai peints récemment. Je suis toujours en train de travailler sur le puits et les nouveaux socles mais j’essaie de bosser sur cette équipe de Bloodbowl des que j’ai une minute vu que c’est pour une compétition. Ca ne gagnera rien vu que je fais une peinture « Tabletop » mais c’est une bonne excuse pour la finir. Ca doit être prêt pour le 27, ca va être tendu…

J’ai choisi des couleurs feutrées et discrètes : rose pétard et bleu azur, comme les couleurs du Blog. Il me reste tous les éclaircissements à faire ainsi que les socles, métaux, yeux et je veux aussi peindre des motifs sur les casques.


  1. Nice...have they got a team name yet?

  2. I love the composition of your team! The selection of models is both very funny and WYSIWYG on the table.

    My favorite is the "superhero" with the helmet and the mankini. Where are the others from? Especially the big girl in armor running with the ball.

  3. They look nice so far! Good luck with the competition!


  4. @Andy; they're all Hasslefree models as it's for an Hasslefree painting competition organised on the WAMP forum. 2 of these have been modified with footballs instead of weapons. Most of them are found in the Fantasy Football set.

    Thanks for comments all btw^^.

  5. Great painting, nice boobs!!!!

  6. Great looking team, very distracting.