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Monday 6 June 2011

Styrofoam fire place

We all use or have used Styrofoam at some point for our boards, buildings,etc…but I think this guy went slightly over the top. My wife would kill me if I was to do something like this, however as I’m planning to retire one day in my donjon man-cave I think I’ll keep this idea somewhere in the back of my head.

I usually show the links of where I’ve found pictures or at least try to credit whoever is responsible for what I’m showing but this time I won’t. The original website I stumbled onto was full of adverts, really, really irritating, so that’ll just be the story of a guy hand crafting a fireplace with Styrofoam.

On utilise tous du polystyrène pour nos projets de table de jeu ou décors mais je crois que ce gars est allé jusqu’au bout du délire. Ma femme me tuerait si je faisais quelque chose comme ca, cependant vu que je prévois de me retirer dans mon donjon pour mes vieux jours je crois que je vais garder cette idée quelque part.

Je mets d’habitude un lien avec les infos et contacts des gens auxquels j’emprunte les photos mais pas cette fois ci car le site en question est truffé de publicité, vraiment désagréable. Donc, ca sera juste l’histoire d’un gars qui fait une cheminée en polystyrène.


  1. Yes, I'm sure your wife WOULD kill you...

  2. Yes, taking things to the extreme, but impressive!


  3.´s how does it not melt???
    pretty impressive..i´m sure that if he made a mold and cast this he would be able to sell them.

  4. Wow amazingly cool but tacky It seems like he needs Tiki torches and a Polynesian theme decor to do it justice. I wonder how durable it is. raw Styrofoam is so prone to damage. After that amount of work I might have skinned it in fiberglass or a sprat epoxy at least. I had experimented with Styrofoam armatures when working on large scale Mech parts to make them easier to install and ship. It can be an amazing material.

  5. Blimey, I thought it was a model at first, it does look great though if a little freaky. As Paul says, "so how does it not melt?"

  6. The process he used is called Fiber Reinforced Concrete, where you use foam to form your shape then apply a special coat of concrete formulated to adhere to foam along with a fiberglass mesh or metal mesh wrap embedded into the concrete then another layer of concrete. Shape and texture then paint and you have your masterpiece.

  7. If there are any holes in the outer shell, his wife won't have to kill him. Pink Styrofoam is super noxious. It'll heat up and the fumes will slowly leak out.

  8. HA! I saw the first pic and thought this was a model then i as i was scrolling down i realized it was full size!
    Awesome workmanship mate.