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Sunday 26 June 2011

The Chapel

I finished it yesterday. It was a good exercise in cutting plastic and overall a great set to play with. I didn’t do a base for it as I’m planning on integrating it into a larger piece of scenery in the future.
Next scenery project is a windmill, more to follow…

Je l’ai fini hier. C’était un bon exercice sur le découpage du plastic^^et en gros ca reste un super set pour s’amuser à bidouiller. Je n’ai pas fais de socle vu que je pense l’intégrer dans un plus grand décor sur un autre projet plu tard.
Prochain projet de décors : un moulin, à suivre…


  1. Very nice piece. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing the full layout.

  2. If only I could paint blue like that!

  3. Amazing build, the paint job is awesome to.

  4. Fantastic! It really shows that you put a lot of effort into the whole project - especially the interiors! I did a conversion on the GW chapel recently:

    By the way, how did you make the cobblestone? Looks amazing.

  5. To J: yep, I saw yours, I actually saw it when I was about to finish mine, interesting to see the different takes on it. I love your stuff by the way, going to get lots of inspiration for it.
    For the cobblestones. it's somewhere on the blog:
    Basically a piece of styrofoam and a pencil, U only use it to display stuff, it's not to gaming size.

  6. Hey thanks for the compliments! I'm still very far from completing my town, so watch that space! The cobblestones do look amazing. Shame it doesn't work for a whole board. I might just go for wallpaper and see what happens. It might be possible to get wallpaper with cobblestone pattern!

  7. That is has been said..I wish I could do a blue like that.
    PS...the mocassins..they are pink. The books of Karly may..the Winnetou series were made into a TV series..probably the first showing the wild west. The indians always turn up in outrageous clothes..the colours!!!

  8. Nice colors and nice paintjob!

    Greetz Nico