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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Mordheiming: adding details

The title is pretty clear; I’ve been adding details to my town hall building. Another couple of afternoons and it should be finished, for now. I’m not going to add anything else but I need to finish painting some parts.
When I’ll be more advanced on that module I will add stairs to the base but that’s for later. Next update on this I’ll have the library sketched and that one finished. Hopefully…

Le titre est assez clair je crois ; j’ai rajouté quelques détails sur la mairie. Encore quelques heures de travail et ca devrait s’approcher de la fin. Je ne vais rien rajouter de plus mais je dois fignoler quelques zones.
Quand je serais plus avancé sur ce module je rajouterais une base plus solide et des escaliers. La prochaine mise à jour Mordheiming devrait voir figurer un croquis de la bibliothèque et ce bâtiment fini. J’espère…


  1. C'est tres bien :)

  2. I´ll repeat what Anonymous has said, C'est tres bien :) It is a little work of art mate..Lovely.
    PS...who is anonymous...he/she gets all over the place :-D

  3. Thanks Paul!!!

    She does yeah^^ That's my not so anonymous wife who thinks it's hilarious to post comments in french. Spamming her would sort this out, wish real life was as easy sometimes....

  4. Very vivid and fairy-talesque. Bravo!

  5. Great looking building ! Would be a treat to adventure in

  6. Beautiful work, that's a fantastic structure! Really like the alternating pattern on the floor... stunning!