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Friday 23 March 2018

Shipping Containers

Scenery bits weekly update...Another week I didn't do as much as I was suppose to. I nearly finished the Wizard Tower, definitly done by next Friday. I managed to finish another set of Azyrite ruins.
I also painted some shipping containers. I'm trying to create a small post apocalyptic/industrial setting for some Gaslands gaming. I'll update later on these as I build the cars. These containers are laser cut ones which I'm not usually a fan of but they do the job. £25.00 for 12 and about 3 hours work. that should give me options for a modular racing track table.


  1. You need to paint some graffiti on the sides of those shipping containters!

  2. Yeah, thought about it but doing these quickly.I might go back to them later but unlikely, will do the job as it is

  3. Hi. What are the finished dimensions of those shipping containers pls? I'm looking for 1:64 scale. Ta

  4. Sorry for late reply...Models are 13 cm long and 5x5 cm.