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Thursday 4 June 2015

X-Wing Scyk Interceptor and Headhunter

This game is so popular it was only a matter of time I’d be asked to paint some of these. I’ve never played it, it looks like a great game but I’m just not into the Star wars franchise at all. I had a few doubts about painting already pre-painted models, it seemed un-necessary as they are just playing pieces. But I was wrong...
First of all, I read that some people strip the paint, I didn’t. They can take the acrylic very well and I cannot see the point of stripping them. It means it made the painting really fun. No preparation, no undercoating, just paint and go. I do think the models are much better once they’ve been reworked. I was asked to follow some specific schemes for the Headhunter and it was my favourite one, lovely ship. The other 2 were just tweaked with washes, shadowing, highlights using already existing lines.
I did a couple more I’ll show next time.

Ce jeu est tellement populaire que c’était certain que j’allais repeindre quelques vaisseaux. Je n’y ai jamais joué, je ne suis vraiment pas fan du tout de Star Wars. J’avais quelques doutes sur le fait de repeindre des figurines pré-peintes mais j’avais tort…
J’ai lu que pas mal de personnes enlevaient la peinture originale. Perso, j’en voie pas l’internet, ils prennent très bien l’acrylique. Ça a aussi rendu la peinture très fun : pas de preparation, sous couche etc…aux pinceaux directs ! Ils sont bien mieux maintenant je pense. J’ai suivi un schéma particulier pour l'Headhunter et c’est mon préféré, très beau vaisseau. Pour les autres, c’était juste du retouchage, encres, ombres, taches tout en suivant les lignes existantes.

J’en ai faits 2 autres, à suivre…


  1. Very nice sir. :)

    Fun game, with surprisingly nice models IMHO.

  2. Yeah I agree, models are lovely and people sure seem to love it.