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Thursday 12 September 2013

Chaos in The Old World

The models belong to the highly rated “Chaos in the Old World” board game. It’s not a new release by any mean but a game I just got a couple of months ago. People who are familiar with Warhammer will recognize the main characters…Nurgle, Slanesh etc...This has got to be some of the worst models I’ve ever painted and I had to dig dip to keep going. I nearly gave half way through but I really wanted to play it so I kept going. The “Heroes” are actually ok but the 40 odd basic units were pretty horrendous: terrible mould lines, warped, casted in soft crap plastic, all of that in a 15mm type scale. 
Anyway, I did manage to finish and did a quickest job that I initially wanted. The mass effect is actually not too bad and I’m sure they’ll look decent on the board.

Ces figurines font parties du jeu “Chaos Dans Le Vieux Monde”. Ce n’est pas du tout une nouveauté mais je me suis procuré le jeu il n’y  a pas longtemps. Ceux qui connaissent Warhammer reconnaitront les personnages principaux…Nurgle, Slanesh etc… Je crois que ce sont les plus mauvaises figurines qu’il m’ait été donné de peindre et ca a été dur de rester motive pour finir. L’idée de prendre du plaisir au jeu a été la carotte…Les grosses figurines ne sont pas trop mal mais les unités de base sont immondes : lignes de moulage, pliés, plastic mou…le tout à l’échelle 15mm. 
Bref, hourra, c’est fini. L’effet de masse est pas trop mal et je pense que ca ira bien sur le plateau.

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  1. They look fantastic considering the quality of the original pieces. Brilliant job, they'll make the game look even more beautiful, if that's the right word!