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Monday 17 December 2012

Mice and Mystics: Fully Painted

Job done! Ok, not the greatest achievement in the world as the box only contains 22 models with 8 of them being tiny scarabs. Anyway, it was a real pleasure to paint, particularly the heroes. The models are pretty simple but very effective and the whole group is really good I think. I used my bases (have a look at the shop if you’re interested). I’m now looking forward to have a go at the game itself which sounds good fun!

Fini ! Bon, ok, il n’y a que 22 figurines dans la boite dont 8 tout petit scarabées. Ce fut néanmoins un réel plaisir à peindre, en particulier les héros. Les figurines sont simples mais efficaces et le groupe est bien homogène. J’ai utilisé mes socles, vous pouvez visiter le magasin s’ils vous intéressent. Je suis impatient d’essayer le jeu qui a l’air bien fun !


  1. Stunning. I love this game! Such a great job on the painting. Makes me now REALLY want to do mine

  2. What did you use to paint the centipede creature? I'm painting a dracolich and was considering doing something like that on his scales. Thanks!

  3. It's basically a dark blue and a jade colour. I painted lines of jade going towards the highlights and dark towards the shadows. A few blue washes to "blend" it. The stomach is gold with red shadows.