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Monday 10 September 2012

Miniaturicum Paint Rack

I just bought one of these a week ago and thought I’d sort of quickly review it. I had been looking for a way to reorganize my painting station in ages. I was keeping my paints in flat trays, which is probably the least efficient system. I looked for paint racks online for a long time and first heard about these ones on the forum “La Figurine Historique et Fantastique”. They can be found here: Miniaturicum
I ordered the 72 slots one: here. It cost me 33€ to get it delivered to the UK from Germany, it took a week. On the first picture you can see how they’re delivered. 

There is a small manual to put it together but it’s really easy. All the pieces fit in beautifully and it took me about 5mns to finish it. No glue needed, it’s quite sturdy. That’s how it looks once finished.

I’ve started to try to organize it but I’ll see how it goes. The only annoying point is that my Tamiya paints do not fit on it. I only have 5-6 of them so that’s all right. Anyway, I highly recommend this company and their products.

Je fais une traduction rapide en Français qui ne suit pas les photos mais bon…si vous lisez ca en Français cela veut dire que vous êtes super intelligents ! Je cherchais des petites étagères pour mes pots de peinture depuis quelques temps. J’avais l’habitude de les mettre dans des boites plates  et il était difficile de bien voir les pots. J’ai d’abord vu celui qui me semblait le mieux sur le forum “La FigurineHistorique et Fantastique”. La boite s’appelle Miniaturicum.

J’ai commandé celui avec la place pour 72 pots. Le prix : 33€ (comprenant la livraison en Angleterre). Ca  a pris une semaine. Sur une des photos, on peut voir comment ils sont livrés.

C’est très facile à monter et le tout s’emboite très bien, pas besoin de colle. Le seul point négatif, je ne peux pas mettre mes pots Tamiya dessus, ils sont un poil trop gros. Je n’en ai pas beaucoup donc ca va…Bref, je recommande cette boite et ses produits très chaleureusement.


  1. Nice and my birthday is this month as well!

  2. I also bought one of these recently, but the 90 odd one which still has some space. Very happy with it and I'm using more of the colours and finding them qicker, so lots of good


  3. Great product. Have 2, and looking to pick up a third. Since buying it earlier this year, I have seen myself reaching for a new range of colors on some projects. Using colors that I never thought I had, or realizing that I have triplicates of others so reduces my paint spending also!