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Wednesday 6 June 2012

120mm Round Bases

I wasn’t really planning on making more bases for a while but I’ve been asked to by Mark who wanted larger versions of my “Laboratory bases”. He actually wanted 120mm sizes of these which again is something I was definitely not planning on doing.
Anyway, Mark Berkley kindly drew 3 different designs and I did the rest. Here they are on the pictures, 3 x 120mm resin bases with a lip and arc markers which are useful for some games or can be filed down if not needed.

I’ll selling them on EBay (widget on the right hand side) for now as I’m still waiting on the website and I’m selling them through the Blog too. If you don’t do EBay and would like a different design than the one on the picture just make a quick note when you buy it or contact me before placing an order. Bases sold through the Blog will be shipped worldwide for £3.50.

Je n’avais pas vraiment envie de faire de nouveaux socles pour l’instant mais un client m’a demandé de faire des versions 120mm de mes « Laboratory Bases ». Mark Berkley a dessiné les 3 nouveaux designs et j’ai fais le reste. Les voila sur les photos, tirées en résine avec 3 marqueurs d’arc qui est utile pour certains jeux ou qui peut être limé s’ils vous embêtent.

Je les vends pour l’instant sur EBay (lien en haut à droite) vu que j’attends toujours le site web et sur le Blog aussi. Si vous ne faites pas EBay et que vous vouliez une version différente de celle en photo sur le Blog, écrivez un petit mot sur la commande ou contactez mi avant de la placer.

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3


  1. Are these still available? I'd love one of these for my Galleon when it arrives.

    I'd want to paint it myself but get one made for me if possible?

  2. Hi Glamage,

    yes they're still available from the website ,I've updated the links (sorry I should have done this before). If you want a painted one, I can do that for you, feel free to contact me at: for further details. Alternativley you can use the contact form from the website.

    Many thanks.