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Saturday 7 January 2012

New Space!

I thought I would start the New Year with a few pictures of my hobby room as it’s really what has been on my mind for a while. Since I came back from France about 3 weeks ago, I’ve had to move house straight away, go back to work and celebrate Christmas (a bit of a mixed bag really^^).
Anyway, I now have my own room for painting and casting stuff plus it’s big enough to be some kind of a gaming room.

I’m really pleased with it and so is my wife as I don’t have to cast resin on the kitchen table anymore and store my minis in her underpants drawers.

I don’t know yet how functional everything is, I’ll have to try and move things around for a while. It’s as clean and organised as it’s going to get though. The cat seems to like it too…

J’ai décidé de commencer l’année avec le projet qui m’a occupé pendant les périodes festives. Depuis que je suis rentré de France, j’ai du déménager, reprendre le boulot et fêter Noel (des hauts et des bas quoi^^). Bref, j’ai maintenant ma propre salle pour le modélisme et elle est assez grande pour être une espèce de salle de jeu aussi.

Je suis très content avec et ma femme aussi car je n’ai plus besoin de faire mes tirages en résine sur la table de la cuisine ni de stocker mes figurines dans les tiroirs de ses sous vêtements.

Je pense que je devrais tester et re-déplacer des choses probablement mais pour l’instant c’est aussi propre et organisé qu’elle va être pour un moment. Les chats ont l’air d’aimer aussi.


  1. Wow, very envious. That looks nice and roomy :) Is the cat resting on the layout you were selling on eBay the other month - or am I imagining things? By the way did you ever get the werewolf costume and mask you won in the draw on my blog?

  2. Ah! Une pièce de hobby! Ça doit être au geek de la fig ce que le dressing est à certaines nanas :o))
    Je suis jaloux tiens!

  3. @Tim: you're right he's sitting on it and doesn't seem to bothered. I tried to sell the board but with no succes. It's a pick up only and a wierd one so I'll have to keep it unless some day somebody...
    I thought I emailed you to thank you for the comp on your blog, sorry if I didn't, really rude of me. Well thanks, I got the mask a couple of weeks after. I took some pictures but put them on my FB page, the non Dr. Willett one.

  4. wahou!!!!! je veux la même!!!!!

  5. Hey, no problem. Just glad you got it - and hope you can get some use of it ;)

  6. Nice! Pleased the cat likes it too,very important(:

  7. Très chouette cet espace de travail ça va simplifier la vie de madame...