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Sunday 30 October 2011

The tower of Signa-Dûr WIP (2)

I managed to make some good progress on this one today. It doesn’t look like much more from the last update but at least the whole structure is up. It’s not glued or assembled yet as it makes it easier to paint the inside. I still need to detail the whole outside of the building with bits like skulls, gargoyles and general decoration on the angles. There is still another big job with the top of the tower as I’m trying to sculpt some big horns, inspired a bit from the tower of Sauron.

J’ai réussi à avancer un peu sur cette commande aujourd’hui. Les progrès depuis le dernier post ne sont pas énormes mais au moins la structure générale est faite. Ce n’est pas collé ni assemblé pour l’instant car c’est plus facile pour peindre si c’est en plusieurs parties. Il me reste tous les détails sur l’extérieur à faire, ajouter des cranes, gargouilles etc.… Une autre partie important de la tour reste encore à faire, à savoir les grosses cornes qui iront sur le haut de la tour, un peu inspiré de la tour de Sauron.


  1. That looks great. How are the floors held up..they look like they are styrofoam??

  2. Thanks. Only the walls on the base building are styrofoam. Everything else is foamed PVc, that's my favorite material for buildings, it's much better for details. Highly recommand it if you've never used it.

  3. Look excellent, can't wait for the horn!!

  4. looks like a lot of work has gone into that, should be spectacular when its finished.

  5. Tu touches ta bille en décor ;) très beau taf