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Saturday 19 February 2011

Nightmare Galore

Stumbled on that artist today, I thought I would share it with you as I know that some people visiting this page like their horror stuff. Joshua Hoffine is a photograph specializing in horror photography. I find it very creepy and scary, that’s the link for his website:

His blog is well worth read, lots of information about how he works etc…

Je suis tombé sur cet artiste aujourd’hui : Joshua Hoffine. Je sais que pas mal de visiteurs par ici aime bien ce thème la alors j’en profite pour partager les liens. Je trouve son univers assez effrayant et bien glauque. Son blog est super, plein d’informations etc.…


  1. They're very good, the first reminds of the movie "The People under the Stairs" and the second is just good and weird.

  2. No doubt well done and give one the creeps.


  3. The first pic is very creepy, the fear of the thing under the bed or the hand on the shoulder in the dark. The second one is...??..odd looking I think.