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Friday 25 February 2011

Anamorphic Art

There are lots of incredible artists but once in a while you stumble on one that just stands out and make you think: wow??!!!???

István Orosz was first gained recognition as a stage designer and for his work in animated film as animator and director. His posters and graphic art have featured in countless international design exhibitions, and he is well-known as a printmaker and illustrator too. He is perhaps best known for his renewal of the technique of anamorphosis.

Anamorphosis is an art of distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific point to reconstitute the image. The art of Anamorphosis was invented in China and brought to Italy in the 16th century; about the time Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci were mastering 3-D and discovering slant anamorphosis.

That’s the link for his website which is not the easiest to navigate:

That’s the website I got the information from (they've got a nice selection of pictures):

Il ya beaucoup d'artistes incroyables, mais de temps en temps vous tombez sur celui qui vous fait penser: wow ??!!!???
István Orosz a d'abord obtenu la reconnaissance en tant que scénographe et pour son travail dans le film d'animation en tant qu'animateur et directeur. Ses affiches et arts graphiques ont figuré dans de nombreuses expositions internationales de design, et il est bien connu en tant que graveur et illustrateur.
Il est peut-être mieux connu pour son renouvellement de la technique de l'anamorphose. Anamorphose est un art de la projection perspective déformée ou exigeant le spectateur à l'utilisation des dispositifs spéciaux ou d'occuper un point de vue spécifique afin de reconstituer l'image. L'art de l'anamorphose a été inventé en Chine et introduit en Italie dans le 16eme siècle à la même époque que des artistes de la Renaissance comme Leonardo da Vinci acquirent la maîtrise de 3-D et la découverte de l'anamorphose oblique.


  1. I love this sort of stuff. I remember seeing a 18th cent painting of a lord who had died...the painting was postumous. On the table in front of him is a cloth or something (exactly I can´t remember, I was very young) and if the painting was tipped at an angle the cloth turned into a skull.
    Thanks for these pictures and the links

  2. That's really beautiful especially the last 3 pictures, I love stuff that changes the more ways you look at it.

  3. visit for more anamorphosis artworks