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Monday 16 May 2011

Chess Board WIP

That’s a project that’s been on hold for a few months as I was getting stuck with it. Looking back at the blog, it’s in November last year the last time I updated about it. Well, I’m determined to finish the whole thing within the next 2 weeks as I try to clear some of those side projects.

My last November update was about the tiles and trying paintings effects. Last week, I casted 64 of them. I had previously bought an mdf board (60x60cm) that I got framed with dark hardwood. I glued the tiles on the board and am currently painting them. I still need to apply a few glazes and highlights then varnish.
Next, I’ll have to make the joints with some grout (feel that’s going to be a pain) and maybe treat the wood. I’ve been told to use some Tung oil for a mat finish.

Hopefully, it will be done by next week, however I ran out of Testor Dullcote which might slow me down, nice to have an excuse!!!

Un projet qui était un peu en suspens ces derniers mois vu que j’hésitais sur quelle direction prendre. La dernière fois que je l’ai mentionné sur le blog remonte au mois de novembre 2010. La bonne nouvelle, c’est que je suis déterminé à le finir ce mois ci !!!

Sur mon dernier post a ce sujet, je parlais des carreaux et des effets peinture. La semaine dernière, j’ai donc tiré 64 carreaux. J’ai fais encadré une planche avec un bois dur foncé. J’ai collé les carreaux sur la planche et suis en train de les peindre. Il reste quelques glacis à faire, des éclaircissements et vernir le tout. Apres cela, il me faudra faire les joints et traiter le bois.

J’espère finir l’échiquier bientôt mais je viens juste de terminer mon vernis ce qui risque de me ralentir…Enfin, c’est mon excuse…


  1. I like that....and the chess pieces, what will they be??

  2. I'm with Paul, what pieces will you be using.

  3. I casted the chess pieces from a set of latex molds from Europacrafts. I added the pictures on the blog a while ago: