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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Space Hulk – Genestealers (4)

This is the last entry on the blog for at least a couple of weeks as I’m going away. That’s 12 Genestealers done and another 3 on the go, I wish I had made more significant progress but that will have to do, I don’t have a deadline on these as they are for me. More to follow when I’m back.

C’est le dernier post sur le Blog pour au moins 2 semaines car je pars en vacances. Ca fait 12 Genestealers de fait et 3 autres en cours. J’aurais aimé avoir beaucoup plus avancé avant de partir mais bon c’est pour moi ces figurines donc pas de délai à respecter. La suite quand je reviens…


  1. Nice work sir and have a good break if you can.

  2. Great work and we'll see you in a couple of weeks!