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Saturday 1 September 2012

It’s not a LOL cat

Seriously, how am I supposed to get some work done today?  20mns after he’s still there, barely moved and giving me that bad attitude if I try to move him. Off to lunch then, by the way if some people who read this post bought some painted stuff from me, the hairs stuck on the minis, well it’s his.
Sérieux je vais arrive à bosser aujourd’hui? 20mn après et il est toujours au même endroit et me donne ce regard (« je vais pisser dans tes chaussures cette nuit ») si j’essaie de le bouger. Bon, je vais aller manger, s’il y a des clients qui ont achetés des minis peintes, bah les poils c’est les siens…


  1. I get enough attitude from the goose at home but the feathers can be a bugger!

  2. Haha! Every time I snap a pic of a figure, I notice an errant cat hair on it somewhere. Gotta love em.

  3. What breed of cat is that? Is he a Norweigen Forest cat,or a Maine Coon maybe? I have four bloody Maine Coons and I'm forever finding cat hairs on my miniatures when I least expect them. Blighters!!!

    1. I've seen pictures of your Maine Coons, they're insane, amazing cats. He's not a breed this one, just a lazy fat bast...

    2. Don't abuse the cat... if Macca finds out he'll send a Ninja Cat Hit Squad to take you out.

      Besides, how could you be angry with something so adorable!!! :P