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Monday 4 April 2016

Zombicide Black Plague: Zombies

I've just finished the zombies for the Black Plague. It was a pretty quick job. I love to paint this kind of models, I find them very forgiving as you can always add blood and rot. I wish Guillotine Games would add a bit more diversity rather than 8 times the same model. I guess I could convert them but just don't have the time on that kind of project.

Ce sont tous les zombies de la boite,  en mode peinture rapide. Ce sont des figurines qui se prêtent bien a ça, sang et moisissure pour cacher les défauts. J'aime beaucoup peindre ce genre de figurines mais ça serait mieux quand même si Guillotine Games ajoutait un peu plus de diversité plutôt que 8 fois le même modèle. J'aurais pu faire des conversions mais pas le temps sur ce genre de projet.


  1. Great job! I'm still painting mine. Takes a while.

  2. What process did you use for painting the bases? I've got a whole bunch of minis that I'm wanting to base in an easy-yet-interesting way without using any flock or anything like that.The method you used would be perfect.

  3. That was just paint. Take 3-4 colours very diluted and mess around.