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Thursday 14 March 2013

Room 25

I was planning to write this update from my computer once the internet was finally connected but as it happens the boat that was carrying the wires to do that has been attacked by Somalis  pirates and I'm therefore waiting to hear more about It from BT. So, I decided to carry on with the updates with the iPad.
Here are the models from Room 25. Room 25 is a board game inspired by "The Cube", 90's popular sci-fi movie. I could put up a link to the publisher or BGG but it takes about 30mns of my time to do that on this machine so I'll let you do it if you're interested. The models are pretty basic, terribly cast but for the price you can't really complain (in the £20 region for the whole game). I think it's a good selection of characters. I did a super quick job which involved fixing the legs of 3 of them which were completely snapped in 2.
Anyway, looking forward to play this one.

Voici les figurines pour le jeu Room 25. Dsl, je fais ca mode rapide et texto car je n'ai toujours pas d'internet. Apparement, le bateau qui transportait les cables a ete attaque par des pirates Somaliens et j'attends plus de nouvelles des Telecom. Je vous tiens au courant...


  1. Nice looking figures, I like the way you've painted the pink dress on the figures second on the right, very cool!

  2. Good work Stéphane!
    J'aime beaucoup les figurines, j'ai vu "Cube" il y a longtemps, j'avoue que je ne me souviens pas vraiment de l'histoire....
    plutôt ennuyeux ce problème de cables!
    je souhaite que tout rentre dans l'ordre très vite, aussi bien pour toi que pour les marins "piratés".