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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar

I’ve just finished what was quite of an unusual painting job. A friend from the gaming group just came back from Essen with a game called Tzolk’in (Feel free to check his Blog, lots of interesting posts about Board games and some in depth reviews). The board is quite stunning and comes with unpainted wheels/cogs superbly detailed with Mayan art. Being quite interested in the game itself I offered to do a quick job on this cogs. The main large one is quite beautiful with amazing details. I had sort of “carte blanche” for the painting so I went for a darker grey with a quick weathered effect. The board is looking very inviting and I’m looking forward to playing this one. 
If you’re a Board gamer with little painting skills, feel free to contact me if you’d like the recipe for this.

Je viens juste de terminer un boulot un peu différent du reste. Un ami de mon groupe de jeu est revenu d’Essen avec un jeu qui s’appelle Tzolk’in (n’hésitez pas à aller jeter un œil à son Blog, beaucoup de revues de jeux de plateau). Le jeu a l’air vraiment superbe et est vendu avec des roues en plastic non-peintes sculptées de style Mayen. Etant très intéressé par le jeu, j’ai offert de les peindre. La grosse roue centrale est vraiment magnifique. J’avais carte blanche pour la peinture donc je suis parti sur un gris foncé avec un effet de pierre usée. Je dois dire que le plateau fait très envie maintenant et que je suis impatient d’essayer le jeu. 

Si vous êtes un joueur avec peu de connaissance en peinture, n’hésitez pas à me contacter pour la recette !


  1. Cusses!!! I knew there was something on this week...the Essen show!!! Only 20mins drive away as well!
    Never mind..there´s always next year.
    The Mayan calender...doe´s it predict the "end"?

  2. OMG paul, you leave 20mns away from Essen and you didn't go! Yep, the game will auto-destruct I beleive^^.

  3. Very strange but well painted items Dr!

  4. Stéphane - what a fantastic result with Tzolk'in! It's what the game should always have looked like, great job! Publish it on BGG and the phone won't stop ringing for orders...!

  5. Speaking of 'orders': I was wondering how much time did you spend on such an amazing work? Do you do orders? (I'm based in France :)).

  6. Salut Guillaume! I've been painted a fair few already as commissioned work. If you're interested feel free to contact me at for more details: